New York City Business Travel Association


The New York City Business Travel Association (NYCBTA), an official chapter of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), provides an important forum for the exchange of information, education and ideas among its members, who include representatives from local corporations and leading travel industry suppliers. Our emphasis is to work together to better understand new and emerging travel management practices.

NYCBTA is committed to enhancing the travel profession by sponsoring educational and informational programs for its members, and by providing top-rated speakers to address travel-related issues, concerns and current "hot topic" items.

Our chapter is an excellent venue for the sharing of travel-related information and professional expertise, and is an organization focused on perfecting the science of business travel management.

Letter from the President - 6/30/2014 

Dear NYCBTA Members, 

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable start to the summer and is looking forward to the annual GBTA convention late July in Los Angeles, CA.  This letter is to announce a very exciting time for NYCBTA.  This is an election year so we wanted to brief everyone on the process and to seek your individual interest.  As we all know, it can be difficult to balance our current work & life schedules.   Sometimes it is difficult to consider volunteerism and the associated responsibilities.  With that said, I think every board member today would tell you that the investment in time has been well worth the experience.  In addition, board seats or officer positions can often lead to other opportunities in GBTA that you may find individually rewarding. 

So what happens next?  Over the next two months we will conduct the formal process to conclude in September 2014.  I have outlined the process details below for your review.  The most important part of this process is YOU and YOUR involvement.  I strongly encourage your nominations and your voting participation.  This is YOUR organization and the best way to impact change is to be a part of the solution.

Phase 1 

Corresponding Secretary shall give written notice of the election, to all members in good standing.  The notice is to include a definition and outline of responsibilities of each position. 

Phase 2 

The candidate applications will be posted on the official NYCBTA website to be completed by interested parties by August 22nd of this year.  The Corresponding Secretary will collect and present all the candidates to the Board of Directors by August 25th for approval*. 

Phase 3 

 All approved candidates have the right to present a platform that can be published on the website and presented and discussed in person during the next scheduled chapter meeting.  Candidates are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner during the campaign process.  Any behavior or actions deemed inappropriate by the Board of Directors can lead to the elimination of the candidate from the elections. 

Phase 4 

Within 15 days of the previously stated meeting, the Corresponding Secretary shall give notice of the election to all active members. This includes a voting process of a minimum of 5 business days and should be concluded by September 8th.  Each position shall be elected by simple majority of the votes cast. 

Phase 5 

The newly elected Board of Directors shall be announced within 5 business day of the conclusion of the election 

*If any position does not receive an application, the Board of Directors will have the authority to solicit and nominate a candidate..

Again, thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles and at the next chapter meeting! 

Eric Norberg

NYCBTA President