2021 - 2022 Board of Directors Elect

The Nominating Committee is happy to announce the winners of the 2020-2022 election cycle.  

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If you have any questions around the election, please contact [email protected].

Position:  President

President Elect: Rosemary Maloney - Global Travel Lead | Sprinklr

Duties: The President will work with the Board to promote the ideals, goals and mission of the Chapter Charter. The President will work closely with The Chapter President’s Council and GBTA Leadership to grow and develop both the Chapter and GBTA. This person will represent the Chapter and must always act responsibly and be diplomatic always. They should possess great listening, negotiating, public speaking skills and a strategic thinker. The President will be responsible for the longevity of the Chapter and must be fiscally and morally responsible.

This position requires a bit of traveling and a great deal of time commitment.

Position: Vice President

Vice President Elect: Kelly Ferrigno - National Account Manager | United

Duties: The Vice President will work to support the President and all Board initiatives. Wearing multiple hats, the VP may, when asked, collaborate with each Board position in order to support the overall goals of the Chapter. This position will require time commitment and a bit of travel. Ideal candidate will possess great listening, negotiating and public speaking skills. Ability to perform under pressure is also a plus.

Position: Treasurer

Treasurer Elect:   Marek Dudziak - Senior Sourcing and Category Manager | Guardian Life

Duties: The Treasurer shall have general charge of the funds of the Association. He/she shall receive all monies and keep the accounts of the Association. The Treasurer shall also deposit the funds as directed by the Board of Directors, pay bills in accordance with the rules of the Board of Directors or upon its order, and shall make written report in full at each meeting. Treasurer cannot make any payments or withdrawal from the accounts without the full consent of the President. A monthly financial statement must be submitted to the President. This position requires time commitment, advance Excel knowledge and attention to details. A background/financial check may be performed on the individual.

Position: Secretary

Secretary Elect: Annie Ramos-Molina - Senior Director of Business Travel Sales | HHM

Duties: The Secretary is the official record keeper and archivist of the Chapter. He/She will take meeting minutes and follow up with the Board on outstanding assignment(s). This position requires the candidate to be extremely organized and does require some dedicated time commitment.

Position: Director of Communications & PR

Director Elect: Kym M. Hoover - Sales, Mrktg, Systems & Processes Consultant | SSP

Duties: The Director of Communications and PR is responsible for the overall “image” of the Chapter. This role has responsibility for our chapter website, the social media channels (with the assistance of a social media chair), and all outgoing communications from the board.  Individual should be very tech savvy. Knowledge of STAR Chapter Site a plus. Individual must be organized, able to action items on a short turn around basis and work with various suppliers/vendors.

Position: Director of Membership

Director Elect: Donna McGovern - Director, US Travel | ITV America & ITV Studios America

Duties: The Director of Membership is responsible for growing the number of members in the chapter as well as increasing the engagement of those members.  As members are the lifeblood of the association, this role is important and works closely with most members of the Board.

Position: Director of Sponsorship

Director Elect: Brian Ricciardi - Business Development Executive | ADTRAV Travel Management

Duties: The Director of Sponsorship is responsible for securing sponsors, both annually and for individual events. This person works to bring funds that help us make the education programs and events as economic as possible in our very expensive city. The Director of Sponsorship helps to create and drive the strategy to raise funds for our Association. Individual needs to be organized and be able to multi-task.

Position: Program / Education Director

Director Elect: Edyth Adedeji - General Manager, Global Sales | Delta

Duties: The Director of Education Programs is responsible for bringing timely, relevant, engaging content for the membership and the business travel community at large. They work closely with the Director of Venues to make sure that spaces fit the needs of the presenters and their content. 

Position: Venues Director

Director Elect: Jane Pearsall - Associate Director | BWH | Hotel Group

Duties: The Director of Venues is responsible for finding spaces for all chapter events, including Education Sessions, Events, and Board Meetings. They are responsible for negotiating rates that are favorable for the Association and making sure that venue can meet the needs of the content presented. This position requires dedicated time for site inspections, should have strong negotiation skills, ability to read and understand contracts and BEO’s. Be aware of various and non-traditional venues as well as have great contacts in the local market place.

Position: Director of Philanthropy

Director Elect: Grace Knowlton - Associate, Global Corporate Services - T & E | The Blackstone Group

Duties: The Director of Philanthropy will work with the Board to identify charitable outreach programs within our community and industry. They will be responsible for creating and executing a program in concert with the Director of Government Relations and Sustainability. The person in this role should be knowledgeable of different charitable programs in and around New York City and our industry.  This is a new role for this election.

Position: Director of Government Relations & Sustainability

Director Elect:    Katherine Tomasi - Director of Sales | BCD

Duties: This role has dual responsibilities, for both the Government Relations and Sustainability directives of the Association. For Government Relations, this role will help forward the political goals of both the Chapter and the Global Business Travel Association. This role is also responsible to ensuring that communication and initiatives are publicized to the membership. For the Sustainability aspect of this position, the Director will be charged with helping the organization to be more conscious in our usage of resources. They will work closely with the Director of Venue to ensure this is completed.  The person in this role should be knowledgeable of the political systems that GBTA is engaged with. They should have a passion for the environment and creating the plan to keep the Association sustainable in our actions.