The committees listed below are considered to be the Standing Committees of GBTA - New York City. Other committees may be added as needed or on an ad-hoc/task force basis.

Social Media Committee

This committee oversees all social media channel marketing and activities related to NYCBTA. This committee will be responsible for ensuring the NYCBTA's social media accounts are providing the most up-to-date and useful information to the business travel community.  The committee will ensure all postings are communicated to the appropriate Board Members to ensure continuity throughout all marketing areas including the website. The committee is also responsible for getting more membership involvement and for bringing in new potential members via social media promotions. 

Director of Communications & PR:  Social Media Chair:
Kym Hoover Bradford Karl 
Strategic Solution Partners Delta Airlines


Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for all NYCBTA membership lists and providing updated lists to the Officers and Board of Directors prior to each board meeting. The Membership Committee shall recruit new members for NYCBTA and be responsible for correspondence regarding membership. The Membership Committee shall review and approve new members. Any questionable application shall be presented to the Board for arbitration.

Chair: Committee Member:
Donna McGovern Frank Gallo
Donna McGovern Frank Gallo
ITV Americas GroundSpan


Venue Selection Committee

This committee is responsible for site selection and contract negotiations of NYCBTA and Board Meetings, menu selection for NYCBTA Meetings & Events and all Board Meetings, procurement of host for cocktail reception of NYCBTA Meetings, audio-visual equipment and authorizing invoices pertaining to site contracts. Responsible for meeting surveys and getting the results posted on the Website.

Chair: Committee Member:
Jane Annie
Jane Pearsall Annie Ramos-Molina
Best Western® Hotels & Resorts HHM Hospitality


Sponsorship Committee

This committee is responsible for working with direct and supplier members to create sponsorship opportunities that will allow them additional exposure to our targeted audience and also give NYCBTA additional resources to support our overall purpose/goal.  Activities include:

  • Review current sponsorship opportunities and make recommended updates or changes to the board.
  • Solicit sponsors for upcoming year beginning in 3rd quarter.
  • Coordinate sponsorship recognition with Program/Education committee.
  • Write thank you notes to sponsors.

Committee Member:

Chair: Committee Member:
Brian Ricciardi  
Brian Ricciardi  
Business Travel Executive