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Welcome to the Government Relations webpage. Soon, you will be receiving email blasts on GBTA's Government reports. On the left side bar on this page we have direct links to GBTA's Government website page bringing you all the latest on what GBTA is doing for our industry.  Please check back often for updates.

GBTAPAC works for us all every day. They are fighting to get legislation passed that effects our industry, such as lower travel taxes, creating a better infrastructure, and defending passenger rights.  This impacts us all no matter what type of member you are and they are our voice in Washington.

I will continue to inform you on any pressing issues that need immediate attention. By mobilizing together our voices are heard in Washington, DC. I have seen this first hand by attending the GBTA Legislative Summit meeting. I experienced the power of a political action committee and what they can accomplish. I urge you to participate in our grass roots effort that will affect you and our businesses.

I encourage you to make a contribution to GBTAPAC. The donation form is located on the left side of this page. You can fax or mail in the form for any amount you can contribute. They must come from a personal not a business or corporate account. Please remember to note you are a member of the NYCBTA Chapter. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Many thanks,

Kelly A. Ferrigno

Director of Government & Public Relations

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Weekly Updates

Last week marked the 16th Annual GBTA Legislative Summit. The Legislative Summit is the industry’s chance to gather in DC and advocate for business travel friendly policies. Over 130 GBTA members representing 23 states attended, calling on lawmakers to pass a five-year FAA Bill ensuring a long-term plan for the future of aviation and to ensure the entire 9-11 Aviation Security Fee is used for airport security and passenger facilitation.

BEING THERE: In addition to the fantastic education, networking and fulfilling their civic duty as U.S. citizens, attendees heard from former and current members of Congress, Administration officials and industry officials on current issues. GBTA conducted Facebook Live interviews with several of the speakers.

DELIVERING: On Wednesday, attendees delivered these key issues to Congress:

  • Business Travel as an Economic Driver: Congress should understand business travel is important to the overall economy, given the industry contributes roughly 3 percent of U.S. GDP, equivalent to the automotive industry.
  • Pass the FAA Bill: Congress needs to pass this bipartisan bill now and not pass another extension. The final bill should maintain a 5-year authorization, it should maintain its no cell phones on planes language and should continue to reject efforts to increase the passenger facility charge.
  • Keep the 9-11 Security Fee for Security: As part of the last two budget deals, Congress voted to funnel part of this fee to go towards federal deficit reduction. GBTA members are asking members of Congress to co-sponsor the FASTER Act to support using the entire fee for airport security and passenger facilitation to keep air travel safe.

GBTA PODCAST: If you can’t watch the videos you can still listen to it all on your headphones

MODERNIZE ATC: In a separate event, according to comments made to the press by United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, airlines are still looking for ways to convince Congress to separate air traffic control from the Federal Aviation Administration. "The airline industry is trying to formulate what the next plan would be," Munoz said after the event. "There's an outline coming together, but it'll be some time before we all get aligned around it." He said after the airlines coalesce around a plan, they'll "provide that input and then work with the government to make that move forward."