Letter from NYCBTA Board regarding GBTA CEO Scott Solombrino

Dear Members, Sponsors, Speakers and Friends of NYCBTA,

We have been shocked and saddened by the information released about the executive leadership of the GBTA in the past few weeks.  The views expressed by the current CEO of GBTA are not reflective of the New York City Business Travel Association (NYCBTA).  Demeaning and incendiary words and actions should not negate the hard work, efforts and commitment of the staff of GBTA and the Chapters.

Chapters operate separately from GBTA but are linked by the Chapter Presidents Council (CPC).  The CPC gives the chapters the ability to share best practices and resources such as educational content, event sourcing and sponsorship practices.  NYCBTA is entirely a volunteer organization.  We contract out to a CPA to ensure that our taxes are correct and completed to ensure that we maintain our not-for-profit status.

Our plea is for the Board of GBTA to seriously think about the future of the association, putting aside all other bias, be it personal relationship or career advancement.  We must hold ourselves and others accountable. There are no excuses.  

Our city and industry were the epicenter of COVID-19. The New York City Business Travel Association Board has been working hard to make sure we continue to bring you education and resources that matter during these challenging times.  NYCBTA, founded in 1963, predates the NBTA/GBTA organization.  Over our 67 year history, we have had many challenges and triumphs.  We are and always will be committed to our members and the hospitality community in the NYC area.   

Thank you for the continued support of NYCBTA.

Yours in membership,
GBTA –New York City Chapter Board of Directors

Rosemary Maloney, President    ||    Kelly Ferrigno, Vice President 
Stephen Gheerow, Chairman    ||    Martin Schneider, Treasurer 
Annie Ramos-Molina, Secretary    ||    Edyth Adedeji, Director - Education Programs
Frank Gallo, Director - PAC/Government Affairs    ||    Kym Hoover, Director - PR/Marketing
Grace Knowlton, Director – Technology    ||    Donna McGovern, Director – Membership
Jane Pearsall, Chair – Events & Venues    ||    Brian Ricciardi, Director – Sponsorship