NYCBTA is the authoritative voice for business travel management in New York City and is recognized by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) as its official New York City Chapter.  Membership is comprised of corporate travel executives, travel management companies and associates from airlines, hotels and ground transportation companies.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this association shall be to protect, promote, foster and advance the general welfare and interest of the commercial traveler.   To establish channels of communication and to stimulate, promote and secure cooperation between its members and other persons, firms and corporations employing members of the travel profession, passenger carriers, hoteliers, governmental agencies having jurisdiction over various aspects of passenger transport, and others concerned with the requirements of the commercial traveler for the purpose of improving conditions and advancing the welfare and interests of the commercial traveler and the business travel professional.  To promote, encourage, establish and conduct investigations, surveys and research in subjects useful to the travel profession and beneficial to it and the commercial traveler.