GBTA Academy and Global Travel Professional® (GTP) Certification:

Solutions For A Successful Career

GBTA Academy is designed to power the careers of business travel professionals using education and certification to fuel recognition and advancement. Education and training makes individuals more knowledgeable and competitive in the marketplace. The Academy is for business travel professionals at every level of his/her career; whether you are new to business travel management or have decades of experience there is always a "next step" on the GBTA learning path. 

We know how difficult it can be to attend meetings, conferences, and workshops due to limited financial resources, time, and family commitments. It's easy to miss the learning opportunities that help you stay current on the latest technologies, newly-passed regulations, and updated processes. GBTA has a solution to meet your needs with programs offered face-to-face and online.World-class education and certification in business travel management is attainable with GBTA Academy. 

What’s Included in the Academy: 

Education Programs

Online Training and Webinars



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The Global Travel Professional (GTP)

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